Glass Fill

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Glass Fill

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Glass Carbomer™ Tech Fill is a new innovative restorative carbomised glass cement which is monomer free and protected by three patents. Specially developed additives, including Nano-Fluoride-/Hydroxyapatite particles, provide for an extremely low solubility, superior flexural strength, compression strength and high durability. GCP Glass Fill is 100% biocompatible and safe for the dentist, the patient and the environment. GCP Glass Fill is easier and faster to apply than conventional materials.

VITA colours: A1 | A2 | A3 | A3.5 | DG |

A GCP Glass Fill package contains 50 Capsules.

GCP Glass Fill should always be combined with GCP Gloss. GCP Gloss is especially developed to achieve the superior characteristics of GCP Glass Fill and to make modelling and polishing easier.

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